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  • Jy-750 | laminating machine | cartway machinery
  • Jy-750 | laminating machine | cartway machinery

Jy-750 | laminating machine | cartway machinery

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Dongguan Catway Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a brother enterprise of Dongguan Houjie Jiayu precision hardware machinery factory, focusing on the manufacturing of precision machinery for 16 years. It is committed to the research and development, design, manufacturing, marketing and service of non-standard automation equipment such as micro-computer belt cutting machine, precision CNC cutting machine, precision punching machine, lamination and waste removal machine, slitting machine, cutting table (slitting machine), etc Comprehensive high-tech enterprises. At present, the company has a number of lathes, milling machines, gear hobbing equipment, precision CNC machining centers, laser cutting equipment and other complete sets of machine tools for the production of high-precision parts, with unique processing technology and processing experience, and senior professional design and development engineers and a number of sophisticated production technology team, In cutting, cutting, punching equipment field has a leading edge in technology.

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