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The automatic cutting machine is used for cutting and cutting of sheet materials in all walks of life. It does not need any mold. It is controlled by system software, and then directly cuts the products. As long as the corresponding parameters are set on the operation platform, the computer transmits the corresponding instructions to the cutting machine. The cutting machine quickly cuts according to the accepted design drawings, with high automatic program and simple operation. It is the cutting equipment used in many industries.

1. Fast speed: a drawing file can be completed in a few minutes, the machine can work 24 hours, can be used for small batch production. No knife die is required.
2. High precision: high precision imported guide rail, with an accuracy of ± 0.05mm.
3. Free cutting die: it can avoid the excessive investment cost of early proofing caused by the constant modification of drawings and files by customers.
4. Good effect: the cutting effect is the same as that of the knife mold product, avoiding the edge scorch caused by laser proofing
5. Higher performance than laser machine: the laser will have burning phenomenon, and the cutting accuracy is higher
6. Wide cutting range: deep thickness, variety, exclusive in China.
7. Environmental protection: pollution-free, suitable for dust-free workshop, fully automatic computer program control cutting.
8. Easy to operate: responsible for free on-site installation and debugging training, 30 minutes staff can operate production by themselves.
Important features
1. It can cut the whole section of products, cut the half section of products, and draw accurate drawings on materials.
2. It can be pressed. For some special products, such as PVC plastic box, cardboard box, it can be pressed.
3. The dotted line can be cut, and the minimum cutting circle can reach the circle diameter of R = 0.7mm.
Application and development
China's cutting machine technology is also relatively advanced, but there is still a certain gap with the imported equipment. The cutting machine is a kind of widely used numerical control equipment; it is mainly designed to facilitate the opening of products and cutting various types of plates; it has strong practicability and is an important production type equipment; it is welcomed by many enterprises, and the domestic cutting machine should be more precise and faster Direction development; can be used in some high-precision electronic industry; there will be a large market, and will certainly be satisfied with the harvest.

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