What are the advantages of Catway high-speed precision punching machine?

Release time:2020-05-28 source:Dongguan Catway Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

Catway high speed precision punching machine is a precision punching equipment which is developed based on the demand of small wide coil's special-shaped automatic punching.

   1. This machine adopts PLC + human touch screen + double servo control to pull the material. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast response, good synchronization effect, simple operation and easy to learn.
2. High precision: high precision imported guide rail, with an accuracy of ± 0.05mm.
3. It can be equipped with a knife die for punching, and the feeding shaft can be manually corrected, which is convenient and quick.
4. Good effect: the effect of cutting out is the same as that of knife mold forming products, avoiding the edge burning caused by laser proofing.
5. Performance higher than laser machine: laser will have burning phenomenon, and cutting accuracy is high, cutting speed is fast.
6. The equipment is suitable for gap cutting of conductive cloth, double-sided adhesive tape, foam, diffusion sheet, reflection film, double-sided adhesive tape, pet, PC, PE insulating paper, copper / aluminum foil, Velcro and other products.
7. Environmental protection: pollution-free, suitable for dust-free workshop, fully automatic computer program control cutting.
8. This machine can be used for gap cutting, and can complete several gap half cut and one full cut at a time, asynchronous roll up or asynchronous slice, sheet asynchronous or roll asynchronous.

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