Introduction of microcomputer cutting machine

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The micro-computer cutting machine is an automatic equipment which uses computer system to control the action of the machine, so that the machine can automatically cut non-metallic coil, copper foil, aluminum foil, copper mesh and other materials into pieces.
There are two kinds of control methods for the widely used micro-computer cutting machine on the market: programmable controller + servo or step control system, integrated circuit board + servo or step control system. No matter what kind of control mode is adopted, the microcomputer cutting machine is suitable for automatic fixed length or positioning cutting of cloth, PU, leather, PVC, TPU, webbing, zipper, Velcro, gum sponge foam, EVA, flexible plastic tube, small wire, trademark, protective film, composite material, pet, double-sided adhesive, flexible circuit board, cable arrangement and other series of products. The application of micro-computer cutting machine makes up for the shortcomings of traditional manual cutting, such as slow speed, uneven size, unsightly products and large material loss. It is an ideal automatic equipment for the majority of production and processing enterprises to save labor and improve efficiency.
The cutting width specifications of the micro-computer cutting machine vary from factory to factory. The common specifications are: 100mm, 160mm, 280mm, 360mm, etc. There are also different positioning of the width of models of individual manufacturers: 100 mm wide desktop economic cutting machine, 160 mm wide, 300 mm wide, 400 mm wide, 500 mm wide, 600 mm wide vertical models. The width of raw materials or products can be used to decide when choosing

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