The characteristics of computer tape cutting machine

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The multi-functional computer cutting machine is a new type of special machine that integrates gas and mechatronics. It uses the input computer program to automatically control the action of machinery and air cylinder. It can automatically cut different width, length and any angle of woven tape, plastic hose, shoelace, trade mark and other ribbon items according to your required length and quantity. The compensation function designed according to the elasticity of the cut material can bring higher quality to your products. Material receiving function: automatic and orderly material receiving, convenient for users to bundle. Corner function: any setting within 45 degrees. According to the needs of customers, it can be collocated freely: punching device, color mark device. It has no material automatic stop function. It is characterized by thick cutting material, high precision, fast cutting speed, smooth cutting section, no loose nylon material and simple operation. It's good for you to improve production efficiency, improve product quality and save labor.
Functional features
LCD operation panel: touch screen technology, Chinese and English display, easy to learn, easy to operate, convenient and fast
Key setting is convenient.
High speed: 80-100 pieces can be cut off per minute (take the length of 100mm as an example).
High precision: controlled by computer program, each cut-off is monitored by step motor to ensure
High goodness of each operation.
Corner function: as long as the input length, width, angle and other parameters, (any setting within 45 degrees)
The computer will automatically cut out what you need: diamond, parallelogram, square, pagoda
Shape and other shapes.
Add color mark sensor (optional): photoelectric sensor can accurately locate trademark, easy to cut in trademark
Cut off the line.
Synchronous belt conveyor: it adopts a unique super wide upper and lower wheel synchronous belt design, which makes the belt conveyor more stable
It is better to cut elastic material for belt feeding.
Equipped with punching device (optional): the punching device with heating function can be cut off and punched once,
The punching size can be changed, and the number of punching can be set at will.
Belt conveyor: the function of belt feeding and untwisting is used to prevent the bundling of belt materials. According to the cutting band
The speed of the machine is automatic.
Flat cutting section: the blade is made of high quality steel. Hot knife can be used for color ribbon and light braid
The cutting section is sealed thick with high temperature heat, and the sealing is smooth and without loose wires.
Material receiving device: automatic material receiving device, convenient for users to bundle.
Automatic operation: just set the parameters you need, such as cutting length, quantity, angle, etc. rest
The work computer completes automatically.
Fault self inspection: once cutter holder, no material, color mark sensor, cutter holder and material receiving device appear
The system will automatically display the fault on the screen.
Auto pause: once the material is used up, the system will automatically stop working.

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